One Kebab $10

Two for $18


Truffle, Almond Tahini, Mushroom


Pickled Carrot, Cucumber, Fried Shallot, Toum


Zhoug, Olive, Dukkah, Rocket, Fried Garlic

Barbecued Caribbean Bites

A collaboration between Bula Cafe and Taki Taki:

'Shell Out' Style Seafood with Rum-Infused Jamaican Curry

Wati Manson

Professional MUA

Her Work:

ROUX by Joellen (Employees Only)

Product : Handmade Candles and Soaps


About ROUX


Hello earthlings! 

Here's a short introduction to what we're doing. 

We're selling handmade perfume tablets and soaps. Everything is made from scratch and  everything is recycled except the ones in the soaps of course and 100% essential oil are used. 

How this all came about is that, i work in a bar and a lot of unused garnish and left over candles are wasted every night especially on slow days. I figured, might as well make something out of it. We all know what wonders essential oil does to a person, and especially people like us who work at night, we deserve a little more pampering at home after a tiring day with no effort, be it a peaceful night sleep or keep the mozzies out. They are also the perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays and home decor.

Detourist Accessories by Vanessa Vivi (previously from pioneer batch 28HKS)

Product : Quirky handmade resin and metal accessories 


"Detourist procures accessories for the odd and displaced. Handmade items in metal or resin... for the ones who tread the line between here and... nowhere, really."

Jana Yar



Tattoo Artist


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