Brugal: Distinctive rum since 1888.


The innovative method of distillation makes for unmatched purity with a clean, dry, less sweet spirit. Our unwavering dedication to cask aging utilizes the same wood policy as the world’s finest single malt Scotch whisky. Brugal is cask-aged in the year-round heat and humidity of the Dominican Republic to accelerate maturation up to six times faster than in the Scottish climate. Smooth enough to drink on the rocks, Brugal is a balanced, sophisticated family of rums unlike any other.

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More than 130 years ago in the Dominican Republic, Don Andrés Brugal 

Montaner broke from the traditional styles to create a distinctively different rum all his own. Five generations later, the Brugal family remains the brand’s only Maestros Roneros (master rum makers) and the vigilant keepers of his original vision—a uniquely dry rum with the nuance and complexity that can only come from a dedication to exclusively cask-aging every drop.

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Representing Brugal is:

- Marek Vojcarcik, the Group Beverage General Manager of A/A Bar and Ismaya Group

- Albert Yacob, Beverage Manager of A/A Bar and Ismaya Group

Marek Vojcarcik joined Ismaya in 2019 as the Group Beverage General Manager, curating beverage programs across all Lifestyle venues such as A/A, Mr.Fox,Manarai Bali, Gunpowder and so on. Marek comes with over twelve years of hospitality experience and a wealth of knowledge within the beverage community across Europe and Asia.


Prior to joining Ismaya, Marek was working for multiple international brands across Asia Pacific region as Ambassador and Beverage R&D manager. He began his career in hospitality in Bratislava, Slovakia at bars including Sky Bar and Lemontree, and served as the executive bar manager of Savage Garden in Bratislava. He after moving to Asia held positions as Bar Manager at UNCLE Bangkok, Salon Manager and Head mixologist at Duddell’s Hong Kong and independent consultant for Bank Bar Manila.


Marek has been honored in the bartending community as a judge for “50 World’s Best Bars” in 2014 and “50 Asia’s Best Bars”, and has competed in several mixology challenges around the world. He has been interviewed by top industry publications as “Bartender at Large”, speaks at global conferences as an industry expert and is featured in the lifestyle documentary One Way or Another, making its debut in September 2015. Marek was selected as a global finalist for the Diplomatico World Tournament on behalf of Hong Kong, and trained bartenders to the finals of Diageo World Class 2016 for Hong Kong. Marek has also judged multiple spirits competitions including CWSA Hong Kong.


With travel as a passion, Marek incorporates influences from around the world into his bartending and cocktails. Now responsible for representing A/A Bar and Ismaya Group, he promotes the finest Indonesian hospitality and beverage programs on an international stage.

Working his ranks from working part time as a bar back until he joined Ismaya Group in 2017, Albert first role was as the Head Bartender of Mr.Fox, a lively, high energy bar where he helps them open and run the beverage program. He’s then trusted to oversee the beverage program of couple other venues in the group as Beverage manager until he recently opened A/A and shift his focus not only manage and conceptualize the beverage program but also run the venue day to day whole operation.

With years of experience he grows his focus more to the flavor than ever before while maintaining his forte, the genuine old-school hospitality offering for his guest. He always believes that bartending is something beyond the glass, that tending the bar is not merely creating a drink but creating the whole experience instead. And creating that experience, creating those moments is always being the thing that brings joy to him and the reason he keeps falling in love with bartending every single day.