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If there ever was a blend in a bottle that carried rich stories of a proud heritage, it has to be Khukri.


The special blend packed in each and every bottle, continues to be a mark of the very first rum connoisseurs of Nepal. Khukri is a nuanced rum, smooth yet complex, mellow yet intricate, bold yet sophisticated. And the making of this rum is telling of its superior quality.

Going hand in hand with modern technologies are our traditional processes we deeply value. Huge oak casks mature this blend of rum. It breathes through the porous wood of oak from months to years, triggering nature's best kept secrets where complex oxidative changes take place. 

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Our blend saps the tanning, flavour and colour of the oak wood as it slowly comes closer to attaining the signature taste of Khukri. Not to forget, our process of caramelisation still honours our rich past. And what you get are beautifully integrated flavours and the rich colour of a blend set to warming your hearts. Each bottle of rum goes through a combined processing among the latest technology of 3 column distillation as well as shrewd hands and eyes of employees who make sure that what we offer to you is impeccable in its quality.


XXX Khukri, Coronation rum and Khukri Spice rum, each of these rums stand for the best quality rum produced by the best people with a historic foundation. The unique blend hasn't changed since it was first concocted. And we have expert master blenders and tasters to make sure that our distinct blend is intact.

We have been spreading the Nepali pleasures of rum to places beyond our home and have gathered the love and recognition internationally with several awards in our portfolio. But without a doubt, Khukri's heart lies with our home as we distribute our rums to all stretches of Nepal and create a community of connoisseurs from all walks of life.

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Julyan Phillips, Bar Manager at Lulu's Lounge

Julyan Phillips grew up in England before embarking upon his journey across the world’s most prestigious bar scenes – making his mark and strengthening his career at the likes of Hong Kong’s J. Boroski and Ophelia and New Zealand’s Hippopotamus Bar at Museum Wellington and finally arriving here in Singapore.

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