Maracatu Cachaça is hand crafted in small batches in a boutique distillery based on century old techniques in a copper pot still. The distillery is located in the Paraty region of Brazil which is known to produce the best cachaça in the world.
Maracatu Cachaça - The true flavour of Brazilian Cachaça!

From the hilltop into your bottle:
Our sugar cane is grown on the hills surrounding the estate of our distillery. 
After the cane is cut by hand, it is milled immediately into sugar cane juice which is then fermented.

Our single distillation process is meticulously watched by our master distiller who will separate the non-drinkable parts of the spirit from the so called heart. The heart is the best of the distilling process and only the heart is used for Maracatu Cachaça to ensure a headache-free drinking experience.


Maracatu Cachaça is rested in stainless steel barrels for two months before it is bottled. No additives like sugar or caramel are added to our cachaça. This ensures that Maracatu Cachaça's taste is not altered in any way and reflects the most pure and authentic form of cachaça making. For bottling, the distillate is then standardized with freshest mountain mineral water from a well within the premises of the distillery. Maracatu Cachaça now has 38% volume alcohol and is ready for you to try. We produce only a limited number of 10,000 bottles per year to ensure the highest possible quality. When you open your bottle of Maracatu Cachaça you can taste and smell the fresh sugar cane juice that went into it. Enjoy this outstanding spirit of Brazil!

Representing Maracatu Cachaça is Dee Atan:

A veteran in the Singapore cocktail scene for 12 years, he used to work for Nektar bar, Bitters & Love, Fat Prince, Summerlong and is currently working at IB HQ Singapore. With a fun personality and unique shaking style, Dee definitely knows how to make an impression.

Fascinated with incorporating local flavours into his cocktail creations, he enjoys coming up with tasty and innovative concoctions that resonate with the locals and expatriates alike. Dee has also earned a number of accolades to his name. For example, he was a finalist for the Giffard and Abuelo competition and the Winner for Copperhead Gin's competition in Singapore.

He will be preparing the following cocktails during Rum Bellion:

Caipirinha - Maracatu, lime, sugar


Maracatu Forest - Maracatu, lime, mixed berries, Chambord, sugar, mint


Maracatu HummingBird - Maracatu, pineapple spiced caramel, lime, jackfruit infused bitters, angostura bitters



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