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After arriving in Cuba from their native Spain, Benjamin and Eduardo Camp, and partner, Evaristo Alvarez, founded Matusalem Rum in 1872.  

Matusalem Rum was the preferred rum in Cuba for its exquisite taste and smoothness. As such, Matusalem’s reputation spread the world over when Cuba became the destination of choice for celebrities and trendsetters from the 1930’s through the 1950’s. 


Known as the cognac of rums, Matusalem Rum is produced using the original recipe, with distillation and blending principles stemming from the Solera Aging System, originally developed for the production of sherry and brandy. The Solera technique, in which rums of various ages and characters are matured in select oak, enabled Matusalem to craft products that were not only superior to other rums in Cuba, but were equal in quality and refinement to the finest spirits in the world.


Matusalem Rum remains unchanged and are still produced in the same Cuban tradition, using the family’s secret formula and according to the same exacting standards established by the brand’s founders over a century ago in Santiago de Cuba.

Matusalem Rum, A Cuban Original.

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Behind the brand:

Born in Mexico and raised in Spain, Héktor Monroy has over 17 years of experience in the bartending circles of Europe & Asia. Héktor’s first interest in bartending began when he was helping out at a friend’s bar in Madrid. Soon after in 2002, he started learning more about mixology at the amateur level, realising his style as a mix between classic and innovative with premium and trendy spirits.

In 2004, after becoming the Regional Champion of the Grand Prix Bacardi-Martini competition in Madrid, Héktor began to professionally delve into the art of mixology. Following that first award came a string of important achievements and accolades at national finals and championships that took Héktor all over Spain, culminating in

number 1 in 2010 of Madrid from the International Bartenders Association (IBA) and working for The Queen of Spain.

Fascinated by the booming mixology scene in Asia, Héktor arrived in Shanghai in 2010, where he was voted as the “Top Shaker of Shanghai.”by Wold Class DIAGEO, he also won “Best Cocktails” and “Bar of the Year” at the City Weekend Readers’ Choice Awards 2014-2015, further proving his bartending talent and mixing skills.

His major projects in Asia include the largest Latin Lounge in Asia with Two Michelin Stars Chef Mauro Colagreco Unico, the first Louis Vuitton Lounge in Asia and the first Mercedes me Bar in the world.