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A legal deed confirms that rum production on the Mount Gay estate was well underway in 1703. In those days, the making of good rum took precedence over its documentation. Little did they know they were making history.

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The Mount Gay estate was originally called Mount Gilboa and was located in the Northern parish of St. Lucy. In 1801 it was re-named to honour the late estate caretaker and eminent son of Barbados, Sir John Gay Alleyne. A Mount Alleyne was already in existence, so the Estate became Mount Gay, and that is how it has remained to this day.

Representing Mount Gay is Vincent Yong, the Group Beverage Manager of Foreign Project, managing the beverage program of Birds of A Feather.

Birds of A Feather is inspired by the idea of people flocking together as birds do. Located in hip Amoy Street, it is an all-day dining, cafe and bar. Housed in two conservation shophouses, it evokes the greenery of Chengdu and its laid-back lifestyle, as well as its easy co-mingling of modern-and-historical, East-and-West. The contemporary Western cuisine it serves has a pronounced Sichuan influence; its decor is a sophisticated ensemble of Nature and high styling; together creating a place of calm and conviviality for people to relax and "roost." Birds of A Feather is brought to Singapore by the owners of a successful cafe chain in Chengdu called GoodWood Coffee.