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The Pontiac is a rock'n'roll craft cocktail bar and a proud recipient of Asia's 50 Best Bars for four consecutive years from 2016 to 2019. Inspired by the neighbourhood watering holes in Portland, Brooklyn and San Francisco, The Pontiac is focused on inclusivity and community.
#19 World's Best Bar's Asia 2015
#16 World's Best Bar's Asia 2016
#31 World's Best Bar Asia 2017
#32 World's Best Bar Asia 2018
#72 World's Best Bars 2016
#93 World's Best Bars 2019
Valerie Noiman is a multi-talented creative that hails from the "heart of Europe". The Ukraine-born 'fire starter' began her professional career following her passion in journalism. In 2010, she was the youngest journalist to write for Kommersant Ukraine, the premier business and politics periodical. She then expanded her skills to events and PR working with InvestGazeta until 2014 after which she took a year break to focus on her other passions: food and beverage.
With a wealth of experience working in bars like Rumor and Insider Bar Lab in Moscow, Valerie also opened her own cocktail bar in Kiev and consulted for many other bar programs. After her time in Moscow, Valerie challenged herself to move to Hong Kong to join world renowned bar, The Pontiac.

Valerie Noiman

With passion in the hospitality industry, working in the food and beverage sector as always been Vina Lewina's passion. From kitchen to service crew, bar and operations, Vina has extensive knowledge and skills from the 11 years of experience under her belt. Previously a Bar Captain in Casa Cocktail Bar by Union Group, Vina was an Outlet Manager for Liberica Coffee before becoming an Assistant Bar Manager for The Pontiac Stardust, Bali.

Vina Lewina