Tropic City is one of Thailand’s very first tropical cocktail bars on Bangkok’s rapid and ever-flourishing cocktail bar scene, recently listed no.31 of Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2019 and Top 10 Best Bar Team in Asia & Pacific Regional Spirited Awards Nomination at Tales Of The Cocktail, crowned Bar Of The Year of 2018, The Hospitality Team Of The Year 2019 and many more. The brainchild of the creative bartending duo Philip Stefanescu and Sebastian De la Cruz, Tropic City is a high quality neighbourhood cocktail bar that features a mix and match of tropical influences from countries particularly close to the equator with an innate love of rum, with an even larger rum collection.
Co-founder Sebastian De La Cruz both moved to Bangkok in late 2014, working initially with the Sapparot Group at their outlets: Lady Brett restaurant and Uncle cocktail bar. The 32-year old Sebastian has worked as bartenders for over ten years each, learning the craft in Sweden. Having grown up in Stockholm, Sebastian has already made a name for himself in Sweden’s capital working in some of the most respected cocktail bars such as Hotel Reisen and Sjögräs restaurant. Quickly establishing himself in Bangkok, he is now leading the cocktail bar scene in Thailand, further establishing his influence within the industry with the opening of Tropic City.
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Co-founder, Sebastian De La Cruz